What's worse than a flat tire? Oh, just having to change a flat tire in the pouring rain. That sucks. In Subaru's 2014 flat tire commercial, a young girl is forced to swap out a bum tire while getting drenched. What's the song, featuring a soft, lilting female voice, that accompanies her unenviable predicament?

It's Odessa Rose's 'I Will Be There.' Her gorgeous voice projects strength, just like the young girl who is relying on her own physical capabilities and know how to replace her tire (as opposed to calling AAA).

How bad ass is it to watch a girl handle and master this stressful situation on her own? Her dad shows up at the end to take a little credit. But that's OK. He's her pop, after all.

What do we know about Odessa? Well, not too much. Her Facebook page reveals that she was born and raised by the ocean in California, but these days she's make her home in Nashville. Her voice is rich and lovely, just like the bloom in her name.