Hip-hop wouldn’t be what it is today without some juicy sex scandals thrown into the mix. For the rappers involved (whether it's fact or fiction), just being linked to the incident can make their stock plummet. However, in the case of sex tapes (a la Kim Kardashian), it could  also work to an artist's benefit.

Over the years, some of the game's biggest rhymers have found themselves in hot water due to facing legal penalties for their actions. Others have spoken openly about love triangles or their divorces, while some even drop details of their personal lives into the bars they spit.

Sex sells has always been a popular motto but rappers like Danny Brown took those words to a whole new level when he made a lasting impression during a scandalous live performance in which he received fellatio from a female fan. Then there are lauded figures such as Tupac, who found himself at the center of more than one sensational moment in his career when he was linked to rape and stealing another man's girl. When it comes to Mystikal, he served hard time as a result of his foul actions. Remember folks, if you do the crime, you've got to do the time.

Unfortunately, hip-hop has had several serious incidents when it comes to sex. XXL takes a deeper look at some of the sex scandals that have gone down both throughout history and as recent as this month. Check out these 22 rappers who were all involved in sex scandals at one point in time during their careers.

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