Yes, yes, we know Mr. Geico camel, it's HUMP DAYYY! And a Happy Hump Day to all yall Cap Region!! Gotta throw it back since we made it half way up this hump of week and give you a little treat don't I?? Hell ya! How bout some Foxy and a very young JIGGA!!

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Getty Images

You know I love to take it back musically, I can't help myself, just can't! Can't stop , won't stop, eh eh, eh eh!! (in the wordz of Puff) Anyhow, I want to hook you up with this gem of a song and video from the 1990's guys and gals!!

Takin it back to 1997, oh yeah!! The song, "I'll Be." The MCs, Foxy Brown and Jay-Z long before the days Beyonce put him under her spell. This was the dam jam when this came out and Foxy Brown and Lil Kim owned it during this epic era of female Hip Hop, sorry Nicki, it's a known fact. Off Foxy's debut album "Ill Na Na", you could always hear this song booming on someone's system and up in the club. This album was definitely on repeat in my life in 97.

Without further adieu, I give to you Foxy and Jay Z's "I'll Be!" - Your Happy Hump Day treat courtesy of me! Don't say I never gave ya anything. :)

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