The Taylor Swift-Kanye West beef just won't die. Not only does Swift keep a framed photo of the infamous 2009 MTV Video Music Awards incident in her house, but fellow stars can't seem to shut up about it four years later.

Case in point: West's BFF, Jay-Z. Jigga references the incident once more in his track for 'The Great Gatsby' soundtrack, '100$ Bill.'

There's a lyric in the song in which Hova spits, "That cheese made us constipated couldn't tell us s--- / Took that, Taylor Swift to a hundred f---ing million, b----." The message here, per The New York Daily News? Money won't necessarily make you behave. It could also be argued that the incident made Swift even more famous and rich, too, because, well, it did. (The PR on both sides, planned or not, was astounding.)

It's not the first time Jay-Z has referenced the infamous incident. In his verse on the remix to West's 'Power' in 2010, Hov rapped, "In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift / Tell 'em this!"

Additionally, Hova recreated the moment at the 2012 BET Awards when he interrupted Yeezy, giving the 'Monster' a taste of his own medicine. Come on, guys. Why you gotta be so mean?

Listen to Jay-Z, '100$ Bill'