By now you probably heard the news as the drawing for Monday night's record-setting Powerball jackpot was delayed.  But why?

One interesting theory on why Powerball has been delayed traces back to a professional gambler from the Capital Region who Brian and Chrissy from the GNA Morning Show spoke to on Tuesday morning.

On Monday, an article published in discussed a $100,000 Powerball pool, run by professional gambler and world-class poker player Shaun Deeb, from Troy.

The article talked about how Deeb invested a small fortune in Powerball tickets in an attempt to buy up "thousands of possible winning combinations."

Photo: Shaun Deeb Facebook
Shaun Deeb, Troy NY. A theory suggests that he might be the reason why Powerball was delayed across the country on Monday night.

On Tuesday morning, Brian and Chrissy from the GNA morning show spoke to Deeb who is currently in Europe competing in a poker tournament.

 Listen to the entire interview below!

On the WGNA Morning Show, Deeb confirmed that he did buy the massive quantity of tickets with the help of a friend who lives in Georgia, and owns a pool hall.  The pool has a lotto machine hall is where they purchased the tickets, but it was tricky buying so many.

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Deeb's friend "had to call the Georgia Lottery Commission and order more paper."

At one point Deeb told us that the Georgia State Official told them they needed to stop or else they going to burn the machine out - but they didn't stop, they did get all their tickets

Did Shaun Deeb's aggressive Powerball strategy cause a nationwide delay in the drawing of the numbers?

Deeb wouldn't say for sure, but he did tell us that his last-minute cavalcade caused the machines to slow down and it took about 8 hours to print all of his tickets - about the amount of time it's been delayed.

Deeb, from the Capital Region, is part of the family that successfully owns and operates many Ted's Fish Fry locations in the Capital Region.



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