Outside of choosing the right partner, choosing the right restaurant may be the most important decision for any date night. One Upstate New York destination has got ya covered after being named the best in the state.

What makes for a great date night? Number one, it is all about great company. A great time, great conversation, and great memories flow from spending time with the right special someone.


But having the right atmosphere is key to helping all of the above happen, am I right? Let's be honest - if you go to a restaurant with terrible food and atmosphere you and your date will be more concerned with getting the check to leave than with making said memories.

That is why choosing the ultimate date night spot is of the utmost importance. Something romantic and cozy with amazing food. Luckily for you, Love Food, a popular foodie website and food blog known for finding great culinary destinations for any cuisine and occasion has determined the best date night restaurant in every state. New New York's is right in our backyard!

The next time you are planning a meal out with the one you love, you may want to make a Catskills eatery your dating destination of choice.

Peekamoose Restaurant And Tap Room Is NY's Best Date Night Restaurant

Love Food has named Peekamoose in Big Indian as the best date night restaurant in the state of New York. All of the qualities I mentioned above that make a great date spot, Peekamoose has in droves. Here is what Love Food had to say about this ultimate New York dinner date destination:

The cute name alone might be reason enough to visit Peekamoose in the Catskill Mountains, but even if it had a dull moniker, it would still make the cut. This charming restored farmhouse has an equally charming dining room, with warm lighting and vintage vibes. Standout dishes include the seasonal lamb and the chocolate pudding with caramel.



Things like "standout dishes," "vibes," "warm lighting," and "charm" make  Peekamoose a date night winner! And based on the photos from their Facebook this place just the atmosphere you are looking for on your next dinner date. Now it is up to you to bring the great conversation!

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