Election Day comes our way on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, and once again, this year's voting will say a lot about the future of the Empire State, and the people who call it home.

Seats in the House and Senate at the national and state level, as well as the Governor and other major positions will be determined by the votes of the people tomorrow, something you can read more about over on 103.9 The Breeze's website.

In order to vote, however, you must be registered, and statistics were recently published showing how many Capital Region residents are indeed registered to hit the polls on Tuesday.

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Census Data Tracks Registered Voters by Capital Region County

A recent story from ABC News 10 in Albany, New York published data on the amount of registered voters in each Capital Region county, and how they compare to each of the other 10 counties in our area. They compiled data from the New York State Board of Elections website, and laid out all of the details from there.

News 10 also found the population of each county, as detailed in the U.S. Census. When subtracting the amount of registered voters from the total population, you can find the difference: otherwise known as, the amount of unregistered voters.

November 8th is Election Day / Unsplash (Element5 Digital)
November 8th is Election Day / Unsplash (Element5 Digital)

By county, the percentages swing fairly heavily. Some counties in the Capital Region have a low percentage of unregistered voters, in the neighborhood of 5% of the population. Others have much higher totals, clocking in around 30% or more.

This isn't a commentary about choosing to vote or abstain, it's simply an interesting snapshot of the political landscape as we head into a very important day. Let's dive into those numbers, and see which counties have the most registered voters that will be heading to the polls throughout the day on Tuesday.

The Amount of Registered Voters in the Capital Region by County

Every vote matters on Election Day, and voters who show up on November 8th will decide the future of the Empire State. Is your county prepared to hit the polls?

These Are The Top 8 Issues For New York Voters For The 2022 Elections

This Siena College Research Institute poll shows what issues New York voters are most concerned with headed into tomorrow's general election. Data was collected between September 16-25 via phone from 655 likely New York State voters.

A majority 53% of New Yorkers are pessimistic about where the country is headed, while 47% think the state's future is in trouble. Environmental issues just edged out of the top 8, with 55% of those polled in favor of New York passing the proposed $4.2 billion environmental bond act.

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