It was only a matter of time until Young Thug fired back at Plies. It did not take long as the Atlanta rapper responded to Plies' claim that Thug is a lower tier artist just one day after the comment was made.

"Uma millionaire pussy boy," Young Thug wrote in a tweet directed at Plies. "And I bought my whole family cars/houses. Have [you] lil n---a."

Young Thug advised Plies to check the numbers and claimed he had more hits than the Florida native.

"Go check the numbers pussy, I got way more hits then [you] could ever have," Thug tweeted. "And [you] twice my age. Bay yo old ass up. You need a tour."

The 300 Entertainment rapper also circled back to the origin of their beef, criticizing Plies for what Thug felt was disrespecting his child.

"[You] disrespect kids fuck boy, nobody fucks with that type," Thug said. "Always remember I'm Up."

Today's (Feb. 25) outburst comes after Plies dismissed Young Thug in an interview with Complex. During an episode of Well Rounded, Plies called Young Thug a lower tier artist.

"I don’t think nothing about that,” Plies said about the beef with Young Thug. “First of all, I don’t play with a certain tier of artists, like you trying to get popping and shit. I don’t fuck with lower tier artists, I just don’t. That ain’t what I do.”

The entire beef started this past September when Plies posted a viral video of Young Thug's daughter cursing. Thugger said he was upset that Plies used the word "bih" when referring to his daughter in an Instagram post of the video.

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