While Wiz Khalifa is pushing his TGOD Mafia project with Juicy J and TM88, he also has something budding with his Taylor Gang la familia. Wiz is readying a new mixtape with the crew, and gives fans a taste of what's in store with the new video for the track "Gang Gang" with Chevy Woods and Casey Veggies.

Produced by Big Jerm and Sayez, this is rider music which is best played at high volumes. The trio of MCs catch the wave rapping about the spoils of enduring the come up. "All these hoes in my phone, they be out to get me/Swear I ain’t really doing nothing wrong/I been goin’ so damn hard and I ain’t seen her in so long/My legs tired from running game but I thank god I’m strong/Every day I gotta fight ‘cause I’m putting on for my fam/Hundred mil all in my will was always in the plan/Hell yeah, that come with it, I sacrifice for the gang/Baby girl she laid up, I’m countin’ dough with my gang/Wizzle Man stay getting high, Young Veggies doin’ the same," Veggies raps.

The video is mostly made up of tour footage with the fellas blowing big at every stop. Snoop Dogg, Dom Kennedy and others make cameos in the THC-soaked visual as Wiz spins lyrics on his status. "Poppin’ P’s, rollin’ lots of trees, you ain’t copping these/Mami these is Saint Laurent jeans, now go’n and top me/I get pussy ‘cause I’m popping/Car pull up, I drop it/If it’s money then we talk it/If it’s not you need to stop it," he spits.

Watch "Gang Gang" video, above.

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