When young people do something wrong everyone wants to give the negative all the attention in the world. Unfortunately, when young people are doing the right things people seldom take the time to recognize the people who are doing positive things in our community.

UAlbany students just took part in a massive effort to help clean up the community .


UAlbany went and cleaned up Ridgefield in Pine Hills on Sunday as a community. That signifies that they really care about where they live and don’t want it to look like a trashcan.

It shows that the students really care about their community and don’t want it to look like a third world country in that they want it to look like they actually care about their city and they clearly do.

They have a big role as students. They're role models, whether they realize it or not, and it makes a huge impact when they do that on a Sunday to take the time out of their day to clean up their area. It really shows that they have lots of character.