Donkey Of The Day : The Creep Squad [VIDEO]
The Creep Squad is one of the most controversial things ever to hit reality TV. The Creep Squad consist of Peter Gunz who is 50 years old, Rich Dollaz who is 45 years old, and Cisco who is 38 years old.
The group of men are proud to be creeps and have actually started a crew called the creep squad.…
Linda Love’s Reality Check
What's up with "Hollywood Exes" on VH1 this week? Jessica is ratchet these days and Nicole really is on the verge of strangling her! Listen to Linda Love's Reality Check here!
Linda Love’s Reality Check [AUDIO]
Did you miss last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL? Well it's time to recap here with Linda Love! She's saying all the things you may be thinkin! Time for a Reality Check!
Linda Love’s Reality Check
Reality TV, what would we do without it? These days we have become accustomed to lots of tv drama & its great entertainment! La La Anthony is back with "La la's Full Court Life, let's see what Carmelo Anthony's wife is up to these days!
Reality Check with Linda Love
Did you miss ya fav reality tv shows? Allow Linda Love to give you a taste of what she thinks about this week's episode of VH1's "Marrying the Game"!
Reality Check with Linda Love
Did you miss ya fav episode of reality tv this week with the Hollywood Exes? Well Linda Love is saying all the things you may be thinkin right here right now! It's reality check time!
Reality Check with Linda Love [AUDIO]
Reality TV is entertainment at its finest! "Marrying the Game" unravels the relationship between rapper Game & his fiance Tiffany Cambridge. Will these two ever walk down the aisle? Hear Linda Love's Reality Check here!
‘VH1 Divas’ To Honor Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston will be saluted at this year’s ‘VH1 Divas’ special, according to Billboard. The tribute show is scheduled to be taped in December in Los Angeles. Houston’s former musical director Rickey Minor will executive produced the event.

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