Lil Durk's album LilDurk2x drops July 22 via Def Jam. Today (July 20), the Chi-town artist unleashes a brand new single featuring Future called "Hated On Me."

Over hard-hitting production from Southside, Durk and Future share the hook, rapping, "I be tired of niggas tryna ride the fucking wave/I done put some niggas on they feet who run away/I done put some millions in the trap, it run away/I done did so much I make 'em feel some type of way/I want it all, I want it all/For me and my dogs, so we can ball/You see this drip, it's dripping on me/You see this clip, it's hanging on me/Pour up the lean, they hated on me/Pour up the lean, they hated on me."

Future then shimmies into his verse, spitting, "I run the check through machines now/I ride around with machine guns/I put a check on a ching chong/Hold up lil nigga, I'm King Kong/I go to sleep with the hammer/Fuck watching the TV, I'm watching the camera/I'm paranoid, hiding a hawk/You broke and it ain't my fault."

He continues, "I did it all I told you, dog I been 'round the atlas/I'm gutter forever, I fuck on a thot then go fuck an actress/They done found out that you lyin' 'bout all of the shit you say in your raps/I put the hood on the map, I put the hood on the map/My young nigga just caught a double, they tryna give him the chair/They tryna give him the chair."

Durk also does his thing, rapping, "Fuck nigga, full time keep a Glock with him/Future Biggie, I'm Pac nigga." In case you missed it, check out Durk's video for "Money Walk" alongside Yo Gotti. In other Durk-related news, the South Side, Chicago rapper recently got "Black Lives Matter" tattooed on his forearm.

Listen to "Hated On Me" above via YouTube. You can pre-order LilDurk2x now via iTunes. Keep it locked to XXL for more music and news from Lil Durk and Future.

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