17-year-old Richie Artis is a huge Fetty Wap fan who is currently dealing with prostate cancer. This is obviously a trying time for Richie and his family, but the young man recently had some good things come his way. None other than Fetty Wap stopped by the Virginia hospital Richie is staying at and paid him a visit. Fetty even gave his loyal fan a 1738 gold chain and made Richie an honorary Zoo Gang member.

"Kept my word 💯," Fetty Wap wrote about his visit with Richie on Instagram today (July 28). "Lor bro was Happy as hell ya should've seen his face ❤️ #RichieZoo #Praying4youRich."

Raymond and Letrice Felton, Richie's parents, said that Fetty Wap's visit brought a huge smile to their son's face. The kid certainly deserved a nice moment like this after the bad luck he's dealt with in life. Richie was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past November after a successful battle against brain cancer in 2002. If you would like to help support Richie's second fight against cancer, you can donate to his official fund created by his father on Crowd Rise.

Fetty Wap helped brighten the day of a fan with this meeting, but he is capable of getting a little star struck too. The "Trap Queen" creator recently got to link up with one of his own idols in Gucci Mane.

"My life is fuckin finished," Fetty said about his meeting with Gucci Mane. "Life goals. I’m done. I’m super fuckin rich, I made more than 5 million dollars, I met Guwop."

It meant a lot for Fetty Wap to chop it up with Gucci Mane. Hopefully Fetty's visit to Richie helped the teenager in some small way amidst his battle with cancer.

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