I ran across this video on YouTube that called Schenectady trash city and called the city a dump. I've never really seen all this trash in Schenectady, but who is to blame ? A lot of people are blaming the city's politicians, others are blaming the resident. One person even blamed Obama ... I don't know what he has to do with it.

What are real solutions to reduce the amount of litter in Schenectady ? I think it starts at home how many people in Schenectady are homeowners ? A lot of people take care of the things they own more so than a rental property. Maybe some community organizations could go out on the weekends and do cleaning projects. The videographer shows a lot of the problems but shows no solutions. I've seen some trash areas and I really don't think this is that bad. It could be worse. It seems like the person who made this video just likes to complain.

Some of the comments on the video are questionable :