You would think after Azealia Banks announced that she’s leaving social media that she would lay low for a while. But nope, she’s back at it again. This time she’s throwing shots at her favorite target: Iggy Azalea.

Over the weekend, gossip site The Shade Room reposted a video snippet of a recent interview in which the Azalea talked about her suicidal thoughts. On Monday (March 21), Banks slipped into the comments section of said post and wrote, “YAAS slavemaster, drive that slave truck right off the canyon!!!”

Azealia's slavemaster comment might be in reference to Azalea's 2011 song "D.R.U.G.S." where she raps about being "a runaway slave / master," which sparked Banks' distain for the Aussie rapper. But she could also be referring to Azalea's comment of driving up to the canyons to ride her horses and thinking of taking her own life by driving off a cliff. Clearly, Banks wished she had done the latter.

Since Banks deactivated her Twitter account we won't know how she feels about being called an internet troll. But we are quite sure we haven't heard the last from Banks.

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