Albany night-life is about to become more boring. If live music, DJ’s or karaoke are the main reasons you go out, you might want to start getting ready a few hours earlier. A new licensing system will ban all-of-the-above past 2 am.

Some of the bars included in the first wave of licenses include Bayou Café, Blue 82, Legends on Pearl, Waterworks Pub, Pearl Street Pub, Quintessence and Bogies. According to the TU, policy was put in place to cut down on noise and large crowds after 2am.

Bars will not CLOSE at 2am, and music CAN still be played… but from a jukebox… What year is it? 1955? I thought jukeboxes were just for decoration, those things still work?

Not surprisingly, many Albany bar owners are thoroughly pissed. It was announced today that the fine dining establishment, The Brown Derby, plans on closing their doors on August 25th. This is coming off the heels of Jillian’s closing last weekend.

Do you hear that sound??


Albany is flushing fun down the toilet.