50 Cent has a fairly detailed history of using Instagram as a means to put his enemies and detractors on blast, and The Shade Room caught him on Sunday (April 17) back at it again, setting some subtle shots toward the mother of his first born child, Shaniqua Tompkins.

In the IG post above, captured by TSR, 50 captions a photo of Tompkins' face with "Loll" while in the video below he asks of another of son Sire and his mother, "What's cuter than this?" Though the first post has since been deleted, the juxtaposition clearly suggests that 50 has love for the recent additions to his life, more so than those previous.

Tompkins and 50 have had their share of public and social media disputes, with Tompkins mocking the rapper's recent financial woes in late February. "Miserable, unstable, bum ass nigga!" she wrote. 50 had wished his estranged son Marquise a happy birthday, a gesture the boy found inconsistent with 50's previous parenting. "Didn’t think you knew how old I was u missed a few birthdays," he wrote in response.

While it looked like 50 was interested in patching things up earlier in the year, just this past week, he took shots at his son with an Instagram post that read “Same treatment, complete[ly] different relationships.” It would seem that amidst this ongoing battle of whether 50 has been neglectful of Marquise, the rapper maintains that he had been and continues to be the same father to both of his sons. What is clear though, is that any intention 50 had previously stated to withdraw from Instagram has fallen by the way side.

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