"Empire" Season 4 starts up tomorrow. I missed parts of Season 3 because there were too many love scenes and it just became unrealistic in my opinion. My intern, Jordan, is hyped up for this season. I asked him, "what are your five predictions for this season of 'Empire?'"

1. Lucious is going to get karma in the worst way this season because he treats everybody in the company like there nobody and he thinks that he can do whatever he wants because he’s Lucious Lyon but he’s going to find out that he’s not all that he thinks he is the very very hard way.

2. Jamal is going to show everyone that he’s the real star musically in the family we all know that but his family clearly doesn’t see it but he’s going to really show everyone that he’s the best in the family music wise and he’s the smartest out of all of them also. He’s going to take over the whole company and the world with his music savvy. Quite frankly he’s the most sane one in the company & family let’s be honest here he’s the one that needs to be at the head of the company point blank.

3. Cookie is going to make Jamal a mega-star even bigger than he already is and Lucious isn’t going to derail him or try to stop from shining brighter than the rest of the company because Cookie doesn’t really care what Lucious thinks one way or the other she does what she thinks is right whether anyone likes it in the company or not she does it Cookie’s way and there’s no stopping Cookie.

4. I have a feeling that this season on Empire that Lucious is going to get what he deserves and I have an idea of who wants to end him for good but I’m going to let you guys finds that out this season. Lucious better watch his back this year because I don’t think that he’ll be able to keep treating his company & family like trash anymore he thinks he’s slick but he’s really not.

5. My final prediction for this upcoming season of Empire is that well there will be lots of fireworks this season more than in the previous seasons. Lucious is going to find out that he’s not that smooth or slick and his mother is going to spill some secrets that his family has no idea about and that’s going to also set off lots storylines for this season.