Zendaya promised us a while back that she was "g-g-gonna swag it out," and with her new video, she keeps that promise.

The brand-new clip for 'My Baby' -- from her self-titled debut album, released last fall -- debuted Monday (Jan. 27). Directed by Stephen Garnett, the video shows the 17-year-old Disney Channel star showing off several different cutting edge styles.

Zendaya rocks everything from a Diamond Supply Co snapback and teal lipstick to a gothic-looking black cloak and epic fingernails. The Oakland, Calif., homegirl loooves the Raiders, as she's said before, and she proudly dons the NFL team's gear as she sings along to the urban-flavored track.

With all the wardrobe changes, 'My Baby' is similar to her 'Replay' music video. But the latest clip differs in one major way from the previous one: The singer-actress does not show off her famous dancing skills in 'My Baby,' as she's shot only from the waist up.

It's a new look for Zendaya in a couple of different ways, and all eyes are on her.

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