Sometimes, YoungBoy Never Broke Again isn't always up for unexpected fan love.

In a video that surfaced on Twitter on Friday (May 8), a fan walked up to the Baton Rouge, La. rapper, who was sitting in what appears to be a parked McClaren sports car. While the fan seemed excited to spot NBA, YoungBoy wasn't as thrilled.

"It's NBA YoungBoy in that McClaren right now," the fan said in the clip, before rehearsing how he plans to approach NBA. "I'ma go see if it's him. If it's him, I'm not gonna bother him, you know what I mean? But like, I just wanna see."

The fan then approached YoungBoy, who was in his car with a passenger. "You're NBA YoungBoy, bro," the fan continues as NBA exits his vehicle. "Bro, oh my God! Oh my God!" The fan says in the video that they were in a city called Cypress and users on Twitter claim that the sighting was in Cypress, Texas.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, who appears to be confused, but also pissed that his privacy has been infringed on, questions what is happening. "What you doing?," NBA asks, looking away from the fan. YoungBoy was presumably addressing someone else who couldn't be seen in the camera frame.

The 43-second clip doesn't specify what transpired next. However, perhaps YoungBoy is trying to take some time for himself at the moment. The rapper announced back in April that he wouldn't be dropping any music following the release of his 38 Baby 2 album.

"After Friday I’ll never release a song/album again until I’m in a better situation #PROMISE," he tweeted on April 24.

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