Long before music leaks in hip-hop were made easy due to technological advances, they were still happening back when rappers were releasing music in the form of CDs. Now, Lil Wayne is revealing his speculations on how his music was leaked in the past.

During Weezy's Young Money Radio on May 2, Tunechi spoke with former labelmate Drake about how music leaks and how his records made their way to fans before officially being released back in the day. For Wayne personally, he recalled being a victim of leaks by leaving CDs of his own music in his vehicle while using valet and car washing services.

"When you find out how it actually got leaked out, it was always for me it was always getting my cars washed, with the CD being left in the player," Lil Wayne began. "That's how it always happened, bro, to me or a valet guy or something. You know when the valet got to get in the car and they ‘bout to go park it and they hear what's playing and they be like oh what's this."

As the chat progressed between the two rappers, both Young Money affiliates marveled at how courageous people must be to take the CD as if rappers wouldn't notice they were missing. Weezy F. Baby later admitted that he would have done the same thing, if he were to come across unreleased Drake and Lil Wayne projects.

While some people look at leaked music as a chance to preview unheard songs by their favorite artists, leaks have derailed project releases for years. Playboi Carti would possibly agree, as his Whole Lotta Red LP was pushed back after several leaks from the album surfaced the internet.

Check out the full interview below, the conversation about leaks starts at the 7:18-mark.

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