Young Thug’s image is being compared to classical paintings from the Renaissance Era.

A creative Instagram account called @YoungThugasPaintings features various photos of the Atlanta rapper’s poses and body language that are strikingly similar to classic works of art. A photography student named Hajar Benjida took notice of the images likeness and created composites of the rapper's photos with side-by-side historic paintings of similar composition. Apparently, the account was put together for a school project.

When hip-hop's aesthetic is recognized in the same vein as “high art” and the attire and likeness becomes classical art, we turn to our hip-hop cohorts and beam with pride.

The Instagram page boasts esoteric images of Young Thug in his piercings, tattoos and outlandish fashions. Overall, Thugga is basically being re-imagined as a living, breathing Botticelli painting, just to name a few.

Young Thug’s life in this case eerily mirrors some of the greatest European masterpieces of the last 500 years including El Greco, Caravaggio and Norman Rockwell.

Peep more photos of Young Thug being compared to classical paintings here.