Once regarded as one of the leaders of the new school, Yelawolf all but lost his footing in the game after his 2011 debut album, Radiocative, fell short of high expectations. He failed to make a real dent commercially, leading the Alabama native to fall back from the rat race and focus on his next effort. The culmination of that time spent cultivating and sharpening his tools is his new release, "Whiskey in a Bottle," which comes with a new visual.

The song, produced by WillPower and SupaHotBeats, is heavy on rock influences, but doesn't overwhelm a listener more accustomed to hard-hitting drums than wailing guitar riffs. This is one of the dopest beats of the year.

The visual opens in the middle of the country and we see Yelawolf driving a motorcycle down an old country road. He's dressed in his emancipated redneck fits and proceeds to give the viewer yet another glimpse into his "Slumerican" lifestyle. Something about it seems more endearing and piques your interest.

And with off-kilter flows like, "Still on that ass like / Handcuffs up in ya like hand puppets, make a mute holla / You should've jumped in that Impala, homie / Refrigerators never seen ice baby / Not vanilla, not a breeze on the hill will make a flame / grab a chinchilla, quite like the words that I build up to," on the track, it's hard not to give a rapper your full attention.

The lyrics are superb throughout, but the hook is the highlight of the track and gives the song serious hit potential. "Put your hands to the sky / I'm a bullet in the barrel with a hairpin trigger now / Yeah I'm a landslide / I'm a head case train wreck avalanche comin' down / Put your hands to the sky / I'm a ready made party / I'm whiskey in a bottle now / Lalalalalalalalalaa / I'm whiskey in a bottle now," he rhymes in a  catchy, not cookie cutter delivery.

If Yelawolf keeps delivering tracks like these, 2015 could be a year of redemption for him. His upcoming album, Love Story, could very well be a hit.

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