Yelawolf’s management received a lesson in reading the fine print from Louisiana State University over the weekend. The Interscope rapper was scheduled to open for headliner, Lupe Fiasco, at their annual “Groovin’ On The Grounds” spring concert - but he reportedly stormed off stage mid-set because of an agreement that was made in his signed contract with LSU.

The school’s newspaper reports that Yelawolf abandoned the performance once he was reprimanded for using explicit language. LSU’s Student Government President said – “Apparently his management did not tell him about the curse-free clause until moments before his performance.”

Yela will not receive payment because the contract is null-and-void. He was supposed to receive $17,500 for the set.

Have they ever actually heard Yelawolf before? Dude spits so fast you can barely understand what he’s saying anyway. I’m surprised that such prude rules were put in place for a college concert attended by college students (adults). It wasn’t reported if Lupe’s deal included a similar agreement. Fiasco did perform his full set, though.