YBN Almighty Jay doesn't appear to be taking the coronavirus seriously.

During a conversation with TMZ on Thursday (April 9), the member of the YBN crew shared his apathetic stance on the quarantine that has been put in place amid the pandemic. To pass the time, Jay says he has been recording music and playing video games, adding that he has been disregarding advised social distancing.

"I ain't been really taking it serious," the rapper said. "I just wish I could go somewhere, but I still been having girls and stuff like, pull up to the spot." YBN Almighty Jay added that he doesn't social distance.

Although the rapper isn't adhering to the suggested precautionary measures, perhaps some new music will materialize thanks to the quarantine.

Last year, shortly after being assaulted and robbed in New York City, YBN Almighty Jay released "Let Me Breathe," in which he spoke of the incident in detail.

Months later, in May 2019, Jay followed up with "In Love With a Dream," an ode to former girlfriend, rapper Dream Doll. The rapper stepped away from his typical sound on the track and discussed the ups and downs of their relationship.

The Texas native hit the scene back in 2017 after dropping, "Chopsticks." YBN Almighty Jay, who was also romantically linked to Blac Chyna, had a noticeable presence on the Young Boss Niggas' 2018 effort YBN: The Mixtape.

YBN, formerly an online gaming crew that established themselves in 2014, consists of YBN Nahmir, YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay.

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