Yankees' fans, meet Trey Sweeney. Trey Sweeney, meet Yankees' fans.

That was the sentiment on Twitter yesterday, as New York Yankees fans flocked to the Twitter account of their first round draft pick, Trey Sweeney, to welcome him to the organization. Sweeney was chosen by the Bombers with the 20th overall selection in the MLB Draft on Sunday, and will come to New York from Eastern Illinois University.

Sweeney was an incredible presence for the Panthers through three seasons, and according to many different sources, has the chance to be an "impact player" on the Yankees. He was named a finalist for the Brooks Wallace Award in 2021, given to the best shortstop in all of college baseball, after hitting .382 with 14 home runs and an OPS of 1.234.

Yankees' fans were quick to find his introductory tweet after he was drafted by New York, and send their own responses to it. Here are some of my favorites.

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First off, here is the tweet that Sweeney sent...

Now, let's get the controversial tweet out of the way. HOW DARE YOU LIKE A TWEET ABOUT THE ASTROS, TREY?!

Okay, take a breath. The Illinois faithful have arrived!

Big things are on the way for the Yankees in the pipeline, according to this...

More of a pessimistic approach to the future here...

Now, real question...can Trey be the savior??

And hopefully, this Twitter follow ends up being worthwhile for every Yankees fan!

Good luck, Trey!

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