SXSW attendees in Austin, Texas might be enjoying a mild 66 degrees, but Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose kept themselves completely covered up in matching outfits Thursday (March 13). Those taking in the sights and sounds at the music festival are likely to spot these two a mile away. And according to social media, everyone can.

The couple's high-water pants and long sleeves look cozy, but the bright red and yellow colors that they decided to wear look more like bottles of ketchup and mustard. While we're not too sure who designed these pieces, there are words that do stand out from the letters that adorn their ensembles -- "Joyring" and "Angeles." Of course, we can't forget Wiz's ode to Canada by rocking a Canadian boat hat.

The rapper joined Snoop Dogg onstage during the Respect the West showcase at SXSW.

Aside from catching our attention with these 'fits, the couple have also been causing a frenzy on social media. Check out some of the reactions below.

The inspiration for this SXSW style choice is unknown at the moment, but these two are doing as the locals do by keeping Austin weird.