If there was ever someone perfect to introduce a party-loving Wiz Khalifa performance, it’s Charlie Sheen. At tonight’s (June 3) 2012 MTV Movie Awards, the Tiger Blood enthusiast, whose substances seem to make him rage go nuts — the opposite of laidback Wiz — brought up the ganja fan to much fanfare. It was an interesting and clearly deliberate juxtaposition, and Sheen’s presence set the tone for the performance’s hard-partying theme.Following scenes from party movies, Wiz took the MTV Movie Awards stage. Wearing a Joan Jett muscle tank, white jeans and a black hat — as well as his ever present shades –Wiz led the crowd in a chant of his new single, ‘Work Hard, Play Hard.’

Wiz’s set kept the party motif going, featuring a graffiti-laden backdrop, a DJ and dancers dressed to look like young adults partying, as opposed to most performances that showcase only dancers in coordinating outfits. The front rows of the crowd were given red Solo cups to keep the vibe going, while the end of Wiz’s track was capped with flinging rolls of toilet paper.

The camera frequently cut to a mint-green clad Amber Rose, who smiled to herself and danced along to her boo. They seriously are such a cute couple!

Watch the Wiz Khalifa ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ Video