Nobody is safe when it comes to Eminem’s lyrics. He’s fired off shots at everyone from Carson Daily to Lady Gaga. Even one of the most beloved movie stars of our generation, Will Smith, was dissed by Slim. Before Shady spit the infamous bars, “Will Smith doesn’t have to cuss to sell records – Well I Do – So f--- him and f--- you too,” Big Willie said something that resonated with the Detroit rapper in the late 90’s.

Long-time Will Smith collaborator, DJ Jazzy Jeff, had worked with Em’ in the late 90’s on several tracks once he heard some of Slim’s freestyle work. One day, Will stopped by the studio while the two were working on Eminem’s “Just the Two of Us.” Jeff explained the situation in an interview with Montreality.

“Will walked into the room and I think I played Will ‘Just the Two of Us… Will listened to it, and Will looked at him and said, ‘You’re either gonna be the biggest flop in Hip Hop, or you’re gonna be the biggest thing that we’ve ever seen in Hip Hop.”

Like I said earlier, this was all BEFORE Eminem’s jab at Will in “The Real Slim Shady.” Jeff also explained how Will responded to the shot.

“That kinda stuff, he just brushes off. The funny thing was, I ended up deejaying at an Em show in Detroit and when I went in there, he kinda came to me and was like, ‘Yo man, when I said that stuff about will, he wasn’t mad?’ I said, ‘Nah, he doesn’t care about that stuff.’”

In an interview promoting his new movie, “After Earth”, Will left the door open for a return to music. He said fellow emcee Kanye West has been pushing him to drop new material. When the time is right, maybe we’ll hear Will respond over a decade after the burn.