Slim Jesus has been the topic of many hip hop debates. People are saying Slim Jesus shouldn't rap about guns and violence because he is not about that life. He even offers a disclaimer at the beginning of the video. That says everything in the video is fake. What rapper does this ? If you haven't checked out Slim Jesus's debut video called Drill Time check it out below:

When I first saw this video I thought it was a parody to be honest, I even laughed. Now keep in mind
I'm not the biggest Trap/Drill rap fan, nothing against it, just not my main genre of rap. But I believe he's catching heat because he's white, just being real. Slim Jesus looks like your typical kid from the suburbs, but who says he can't be a fan of the genre and want to make music. I think people who listen to rap live under a delusion that what rappers say is the truth. No other genre has to live up to that standard so why should rap ?

If Slim Jesus wants to rap about things he has never done, Im not mad at him. If rappers weren't held to the standard of keeping it real, there would be less rappers in jail and less violence in hip hop. I'm all for that, 95% of rappers now a days lie anyway, so why should Slim Jesus be held up to a different standard. I blame the people who support it.

Here is my man spoken Reasons doing a hilarious parody of the Slim Jesus video: