When you think of dad you think of a protector and a provider. The man in your life from the beginning of your life who is the closest thing to a daily superhero. A lot of dads work very hard to make sure their families are taken care of all while staying reserved, and humble.

Dads will also break their necks to make sure their kids are taken care of. This year I think it is extremely important to feature men because we are often overlooked and unappreciated. Dad doesn't get as much credit and recognition as he should and is often not given his just do on a daily basis. This year we want to make sure we are recognizing fathers across the Capital Region and let them know we appreciate and love you guys.

Whether you're a girl day or boy dad you deserve to get some love. Father's Day is right around the corner (6/21), just so you don't forget dad, write the date down on your calendar or make a notification. Do what you have to do to celebrate the Dad in your life. Check out our Dad/Daughter Dad/Son entries.

Which team do you think looks the most like dad? Vote below. Voting ends on Thursday night (6/18). That Dad/Daughter Dad/Son entry that receives the most votes will get the hook up with a big screen tv for Dad and a Sony PS4. Vote for your favorite Dad/Daughter Dad/Son entry below and wish a Dad in your life Happy Fathers Day.

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