has released a news report stating that The Official Los Angeles County Coroner’s Report has been released identifying Whitney Houston’s death as an “accidental drowning”.   According to the press release, the report also says heart disease, and cocaine use contributed to her death and that marijuana, Xanax, and Benadryl were among other drugs found in Whitney Houston’s body.  Although the report says there was only a “moderate” amount of cocaine found in her body, the autopsy suggests there was “chronic usage” of the drug.  The Coroner said that had Whiney not had pre-existing heart disease and cocaine usage, she may not have drowned.

Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown has a different opinion about Whitney Houston’s death and it’s spelled…. RAY J!  In an interview with Dr. Drew (seen below), Leloah Brown makes some strong accusations suggesting that Ray J may have had something to do with Whitney’s death, and states that Ray J was giving Whitney drugs.