No genre inspires as many cliches, both beloved and hated, as horror. Put on any random slasher movie while a horror buff is in the room and chances are strong that he'll be able to map out every moment, and every poor decision on the part of the main characters, a half hour in advance. However, that horror buff will also tell you that the predictability of it all can be a lot of fun.

And that brings us to this new video supercut, which compiles one of the great, unsung horror cliches of all time: female protagonists falling down.

Sometimes, they fall down for a good reason. Maybe they're being pursued by a killer and they miss the curb. Maybe they get ambushed by a masked murderer and get sliced in the leg with a butcher knife. Maybe they just trip in a big 'ol puddle of blood. But that's being generous. More often than not, women trip in horror movies just so the bad guy can catch up and deliver the killing blow or because the director needed a lowest common denominator way of building tension.

As we said, much of the fun to be had in horror movies is shouting at the screen and groaning at characters' idiocy and clumsiness. Consider this video a loving tribute!

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