Think back to your time in grade school. When the teachers called roll each morning, didn't it seem like some names were said over, and over, and over again?

You have your unique names, and your names with deep family roots. For every one of those, however, there are a few Michael's, Matthew's, and John's sitting in the room, as well.

Certain baby names are more popular than others, and in 2020, a smattering of boys' names were more popular than most.

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In a story published by ABC News 10, the Social Security Administration published a list categorizing data for the most popular boys' names in the country in 2020. Within that list, you can narrow down your search, and view the most popular names from every state.

The administration also provided specific data, on how many babies were given this name, both locally, and nationwide. They outlined how much the name has changed in popularity, calculated into a percentage, while also identifying the year in which the name in question hit its peak in popularity.

So, which name do you expect to make the list? Have you noticed the baby announcements on your Facebook page often containing the same group of boy names? We condensed the list down into the top ten baby boy names in the state of New York, and shared the number of newborns who were given these names in 2020.

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