Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers across the Capital Region. We posted the question on our Facebook page and on the air. Here are some the responses we got about the great Moms of the Capital Region :

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Happy Mothers Day to Natasha Mc Clain

Natasha Mc Clain

My mom is deserving of so much. Her presence commands attention where ever she goes. My mom is a hardworking women who strives to achieve things to the best of her abilities. My mom is like a onion, there are different layers and by pulling back these layers you will be exposed to something new. My mom has the ability to light up the room. Either it be by her presence or her sense in fashion. Her natural stride can be caught immediately because when she walks she dominates the floor like a boss and knows how to choose her words carefully which enables her to talk like a boss. She an independent woman who can take care of her own. Classy but yet knows how to get a party started. A person who is Humble and one who is true to herself. My mom embedded morals and values within me which allows me to be a respectable young lady. She’s a person who would sacrifice for the greater good no matter the circumstances. No matter how hard life gets, she continues to persevere because she knows that something greater will come out of it which is why many people think of my mom as a superwoman. She’s a leader who will stand for anything and fall for nothing. She believes that the best revenge is being successful and that’s why she is the woman she is today. People can easily gravitate towards her because of her soul and how pure she is when she’s around other people. When in contact with a situation she knows how to carry herself and will find a alternative route to the situation. I love how my mom carries herself as a person and hope that one day I can model myself after her.

Happy Mothers Day to Sabrina :


This woman is small yet full of love support and a big heart! She deserves all and then some!

Happy Mothers Day To Faith Skervin

Faith skervin

I Admire her because all she does for us i know if she ever had to she would sacrifice her life for us and we do some stupid stuff but she still loves us 10000% said and i know that will never stop. She works everyday full time to make sure we have what we want and need make sure we get to all our activities and does it all, Friday, May 11 2018, 4:16 PM
and i know that will never stop. She works everyday full time to make sure we have what we want and need make sure we get to all our activities and does it all with a smile"

Happy Mother's Day To June Poole

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My mom is hot because she has sacrificed so much to raise me..she did it by herself and i never heard her complain once..she said we struggle when i was young but i never saw it or felt it...my mom is just so bomb..her spirit her personality..i can only strive to be a great woman like her...she deserves the world but i can only give her pieces of it

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