As urban farming grows in popularity, Albany officials are working on a plan to allow residents to have chickens.

We have the Egg, so it only makes sense to have chickens in Albany! According to the Times Union, the Albany 'Common Council' is working on a plan to allow residents to once again keep chickens in their backyards. The new law would allow residents to have only egg laying birds (hens) in their yards. Slaughter of birds would not be allowed under the new provision. The Times Union article says this is in response to the growing popularity of sustainability and urban farming.

On the surface this seems like a crazy idea - just reading 'Chickens Coming to Albany' is nutty right? But, when ya think about it, as long as residents keep the chickens contained in some manner and keep conditions clean this could be a great thing. Growing or raising your own food, and in this case harvesting eggs, is a great way to save money and know exactly what you are eating.

And I guess in this case, the Egg in Albany came before the Chicken, right?


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