Young Dolph came away unscathed when an assailant fired around 100 rounds of ammo at his vehicle last month. Those circumstances have the Memphis rapper feeling invincible and wanting to flex. Dolph does just that in the music video for his song "Run It Up."

The video sees Dolph spending racks at designer stores and relaxing in a white Lamborghini. The entertaining rapper does all this while spitting rhymes from the standout track off his Gelato mixtape.

“While you was at the house with the bitch cuddled up/I was on the block in the trap running it up/I can't chase a bitch, I'm chasing commas, bruh/Real niggas see eye to eye and you not one of us/Real niggas, we don't make excuses/They say flipper he ain't too hard, he abusive/When it comes to the trap shit, I just do it/Million dollar play, watch me execute it/I can't sleep for too long, I might miss some/Trap phone start jumping bout six some’n,” Dolph raps.

Dolph has a lot more on the way as he will be releasing an new album on April 1. The LP, titled Bulletproof, is available now for pre-order on iTunes. Check out the project's tracklist and Dolph's video for "Run It Up" below.

Young Dolph’s Bulletproof Tracklist

1. “100 Shots”
2. “In Charlotte”
3. “But I’m bulletproof”
4. “So Fuk ’em”
5. “That’s How I Feel” Feat. Gucci Mane
6. “I’m So Real”
7. “I Pray For My Enemies”
8. “I’m Everything You Wanna Be”
9. “So That’s Why You Envy Me”
10. “SMH”

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