Maybach Music Group rapper Wale hasn’t been shy about his love for the show 'Seinfeld' and its main character Jerry Seinfeld. His 2008 mixtape ‘A Mixtape About Nothing’ had samples from the show and the artwork was similar to the iconic 'Seinfeld' poster. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the comedian opens up about joining forces with Wale on his upcoming LP.

"It's always fun when you cross over lines, you know, in the show business world," Seinfeldshares. "It's always fun to go into somebody else's thing and vice versa. So that in itself is just reason enough to do it. My wife is really into Wale so she's playing the stuff and I'm getting into it so it was all great."

Seinfeld went on to describe what the actual studio session experience was like. "They would ask me things and I would just tell them what I thought," he explains. "And then they have to do their thing with it, which takes a while as I understand. But just for me to hang out with guys like that was the coolest, you know? Because I don't hang out with 19-year-old music guys. So it was great.”

Wale’s third album is titled 'The Album About Nothing.'

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