Vic Mensa’s recent shopping spree at Barneys in Beverly Hills, Calif., turned into a big inconvenience as he and his crew may have been the victims of racial profiling by police.

Last Thursday (Aug. 4), Mensa went on his Snapchat to record his unfortunate run-in with cops. In a video that was posted on TMZ, you can see a frustrated Mensa claiming to have dropped $4,000 at Barneys when cops pulled up and detained him for allegedly shoplifting. The Chicago rapper is arguing with police as they try to sort it out the store.

BHPD told TMZ that Mensa and his entourage were not racially profiled. Apparently, the store owner called 911 and accused them of stealing merchandise.

While the whole incident took about 30 minutes, the fact of the matter is Mensa doesn’t have to shoplift and he has receipts to prove it.

There’s no word if Barneys apologized to Mensa for the inconvenience, but that would be a nice gesture on their part. Nevertheless, the “Wolves” singer says that he’s not planning to sue.

Chalk this up as another case of Shopping While Black. Shame on Barneys and the Beverly Hills Police Department.