Thanks to Migos, the name Versace has been etched into the lexicon of hip-hop culture. The Italian fashion house also seen a spike in sales, which could be attributed to the Atlanta trio's song of the same name. The luxury brand might see more sales this summer with their latest offering dedicated to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The "Versace Loves Brazil" T-shirt is a vividly gaudy tee that pairs the spirit of Versace with Brazil's national pastime.

The shirt boasts colorful prints blue and red flowers with a gold chain design around the collar. The iconic Medusa head in the middle and is surrounded by leopard prints. There's also silhouettes of soccer players to signify the connection of Versace with Brazil's most beloved sport.

If you think the T-shirt is ridiculous wait to you see the price. Depending on your tax bracket, the item might disintegrate your wallet.

The "Versace Loves Brazil" T-shirt is available at the brand's online store for $690.

While the price is really expensive, we can see either 2 Chainz or Migos rocking this World Cup-inspired tee during the summer. And Donatella will be happy about that for sure.

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[Spotted at High Snobiety]