The Walt Disney World Resort, commonly known as Disney World, is described as the Most Magical Place on Earth.

What happened at the resort on Monday, August 29th could definitely be considered an act of magic, and it happened thanks for an Upstate New York firefighter. On vacation with his family, Paul Bucher wasn't expecting to bring his work down to Florida with him.

When duty called, however, he sprung to action, and saved the life of a perfect stranger.

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Poughkeepsie Fire Department Lieutenant Saves Life While on Vacation

As reported by ABC News 10 in Albany earlier on Wednesday, Poughkeepsie Fire Department Lieutenant Paul Bucher is being lauded for his role in saving the life of a tourist at Walt Disney World Resort, while on vacation with his family.

As the story goes, Bucher and his family were eating dinner at a restaurant on the Walt Disney World Resort campus on Monday night, August 29th. While at dinner, another man went into cardiac arrest, and it was determined by Bucher that he was no longer breathing.

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It was then that Bucher's training and experience as a firefighter came in extremely handy, as he began to give chest compressions in an attempt to resuscitate the man. Before long, the person suffering from cardiac arrest was breathing again, and was coherently speaking with those nearby.

There's no other way to put it: Paul Bucher is a hero. Rather, he was a hero already, but acted heroically when called upon, regardless of the situation.

The word that keeps coming to mind for me, is miracle. How was it, that Paul Bucher and his family happened to be vacationing at Disney World on this exact day? What's more, why, of the countless restaurants that one could eat in while at Disney World, was the Bucher family at this particular establishment?

It's one of those situations where, instead of asking question, you're simply grateful that everything worked out in the end. Well done, Paul Bucher.

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