Usher is certainly fearless when it comes to his music -- just listen to his genre-bending album 'Looking 4 Myself.' The R&B superstar recently showed his fans how much of a risk taker he really is on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Usher decided to go skydiving over Dubai's oceanic Palm Islands. The 'Climax' singer -- with his bright red kicks and parachute -- was lifted thousands of feet into the air for his first-ever sky dive. Usher successfully jumped out of a plane over the ocean and photographed the entire spectacle. Judging by the photos he posted on his page, the jump was absolutely climatic for the singer.

Usher was in Dubai for a performance at the World Parachuting Championships, so it's was only right that he experience one of the most gravity-defying sports in the world today. Before his jump, the 'Scream' crooner posted a photo of his "Fearless" arm tattoo with the caption, "Fearless Leader."

Usher had a great year with his No. 1 album ('Looking 4 Myself') and single with 'Climax,' which was nominated for Best R&B Performance for the 2013 Grammy Awards.


Watch the Usher 'Climax' Video