See the video below of a Bald Eagle,  joyfully surfing on a stick in the river, and then taking it into the air using it like a hoverboard.

The Bald Eagle we see in the video below isn't fully grown, we know that because its head isn't completely white.  Our guess is that he or she is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 to 3-years-old, but this is a young bird of prey to keep an eye on.

This bird is completely unafraid, adventurous, and quite innovative.  Check out what happens when the eagle finds a stick in the water.

First, he or she shows off their skills by using it as a surfboard.

Later, with it clenched between its talons, the majestic bird takes flight, soaring through the air like a witch on a broomstick.

Marcia White Bower is a wildlife enthusiast who lives in Upstate, New York.  She's particularly fond of birds, and her Facebook page has an endless stream of strikingly beautiful photos and videos of eagles, gulls, loons, and ducks to name a few.

On January 9, Bower caught something pretty special while she was observing a bunch of beautiful Bald Eagles hanging out near Onondaga Lake, and this is what she wrote:

"I went to Onondaga lake for a few hours this morning. These guys were way down at the end of the lake, but they were so fun to watch. The juvie flying around with the stick was so proud of himself. LOL. It's a short video, so hang in there til the end. 😉"

 Check out the video here:


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