Today is the day where we learn if Tyrese has screwed himself once and for all. Yesterday, in more what the hell is wrong with Tyrese Gibson news, singer Tyrese returned to the states from his getaway trip to Abu Dhabi and made what appears to be a reckless decision.

Tyrese’s attorney has filed documents saying that there is a “substitution of attorney” and Tyrese will be representing himself in the child abuse trial with wife Norma Gibson over their daughter, Shayla. Norma is seeking a permanent restraining order against the singer. That trial is set for today and there are so many questions.

Unfortunately, if we have to base this on Tyrese’s riveting Instagram arguments, videos and posts, I’m worried, to say the least. Will Tyrese stay focused? Will he burst into tears or worse, song and dance? Will he have a breakdown in the courtroom and ruin his chances for good? Who’s to say? I’m sure Tyrese will release an iOS press release to catch us up on all the sad details as soon as it’s finished. Tune in and keep this man in your prayers.

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