Russ Parr Recap
The Russ Parr Morning Show cracks up as Rolex goes in on your favorite (or not favorite) celebrities. This episodes features jokes on Christina Millian, Manny Pacquioa, Nee Leakes, Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly, Waka Flocka, Chris Brown and more...
Strange Celeb Baby Names
Celebrities may be well traveled, cultured, artsy, eccentric & eclectic, but that's no excuse for strangeness! Check out these weirdo baby names that will make baby hate mom & dad when they get older.
Can You Guess the Celebrity Cleavage?
Today’s celebrity cleavage belongs to a seemingly well-known television personality and literary craftswoman who, after attending Hugh Hefner’s 78th birthday party dressed in nothing but full body paint, became one of his three girlfriends.