Tyler, The Creator is set to release a documentary about his 2015 album Cherry Bomb. To build up some anticipation for the film's premiere, a portion about the making of "2 Seater" has been released online.

"'2 Seater' was made at the end of 2013 in my room in like 20 minutes out of boredom again," Tyler says in the above video. "I just got my house. I was in my room, no furniture, no nothing. [I was like] hey, this is cool. [I had] like a one minute and 30 second song, but like... I wanna take it somewhere. I wrote that string section, played it and was like, 'Ok, add all these instruments.' I'ma get real players to play this and then hearing it come to life was so sick."

Tyler also touches on his nervousness about recording with a string section for the first time. The footage shows his meeting with legendary composer Hans Zimmer, who sat in on the recording and took Tyler around his studio. There's additional footage of Tyler and his friends joking around and playing games, which lets fans see that there was still lots of fun involved in the making of the album.

Cherry Bomb the Documentary is set to premiere on Jan. 29 at The Independent in Los Angeles. The event will feature a Q&A with Tyler and director Mikey Alfred. Tickets are on sale now via this link. DVD copies of the film will be available for purchase on Jan. 30.

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