On Thursday (Sept. 14), Tyler, The Creator and Adult Swim released a preview for their new series coming to Cartoon Network, The Jellies. 

A trailer shot in the form of a documentary introduces the city of Walla Walla, Wash. where they have nice beaches, rehabilitation centers, an elementary school named after Woody Allen and really quiet neighborhoods because "the minorities have money."

Originally announced in May, The Jellies is the work of Tyler, The Creator and Loiter Squad collaborator Lionel "L-Boy" Boyce. The series follows a family of jellyfish and their 16-year-old human son Cornell. After Cornell learns he was adopted at birth, the teenager is shocked by the news and sets out on a journey to find himself.

Tyler and Boyce will lend their voices to the show, which also includes Phil LaMarr, Blake Anderson, A.J. Johnson and Kevin Michael Richardson.

The Flower Boy rapper recently sent Twitter into a frenzy when he revealed he had a boyfriend during his teenage years. Speaking with Koopz Tunes, Tyler said being "open-minded" was nothing new for him, adding, "Open-minded now? I had a boyfriend when I was 15 in fucking Hawthorne, nigga. If that's not open-minded, then I don't know what the fuck that is."

As the news began to spread, Tyler quickly cleared up his comment, calling it a figure of speech and saying he was actually "single at 15."

The Jellies premieres on Oct. 22 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. Check out a preview of the show below.

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