The city of Houston is still recovering from the destruction that Hurricane Harvey left behind last week. H-Town representer Trae tha Truth has been on the front lines helping survivors get back to normalcy.

On Thursday (Sept. 14), the rap veteran released a new video for “Trying to Figure It Out” to showcase the plight Houstonians are currently facing right now. The song, which appears on Trae's 2015 album, Tha Truth, started going viral after a fan posted a video about Harvey with the track playing in the background.

Trae's heartbreaking visual shows news clips of reporters detailing the devastation and the struggles people are now faced with in the aftermath of Harvey. We  also see visuals of the heroes who have helped so many people get to safety during Harvey’s destruction.

"The song fits the mood," Trae told Billboard. "I was watching people post videos from Houston putting the song in the background, and it just so happens that the performance part of the video was shot a year or two years ago."

"[Internet user] Phillyflyboy took it upon himself to place footage from Houston right now into what we already had with performance footage," he continued. "It fits perfect because it shows the reality of what's going with Houston. I'm not into promoting music right now, but I feel light needs to be shed so that people know what we're going through."

There are plenty of Houston artists doing their part to help rebuild the city. Houston native Bun B, along with music manager Scooter Braun, help raised a whopping $44 million for hurricane victims during the Hand in Hand Telethon on on Tuesday night (Sept. 12).

Check out Trae tha Truth's video above.

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