Remember when a process server came to Tyga’s L.A. Gear shoe signing and hit him with some legal papers? Well, apparently, it was a summons for him to appear at a hearing over back rent that he owes a landlord after renting a house in Calabasas, Calif., in 2010.

The case stems from a judgment a landlord won back in 2010 against the Compton rhymer for owing nearly $90,000 in back rent. Since then, the “Rack City” rapper has never paid up. Five years later, the landlord is now trying to seize his assets which would help pay the judgment in full.

During a hearing Tyga’s attorney tried to smooth things over by offering to pay the landlord's legal fees, which came to $1090. But, according to TMZ, the rapper’s check bounced.

So now the landlord is pissed off and wants his judgment plus interest. All together, Tyga owes $124,000. If the “40 Mill” rapper doesn’t pay up soon, an arrest warrant could be issued.

Tyga’s is currently on his European tour so he should be able to pay the man once he returns to the states. It’s been five years now, we think it's time to end this ongoing legal battle.

Tyga’s attorneys had no comment on the matter.

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