The FBI data doesn't lie: two local cities are among the state's most dangerous.

We always love it when Capital Region towns make best of lists, but this is one we would hope we would eventually fall off of. Roadsnacks has once again ranked their top 10 dangerous cities in the state of New York based on recently released FBI crime data and Schenectady and Albany are among them.

Schenectady landed at #4 on the list, up 7 spots after being ranked 11th last year. Roadsnacks says Schenectady ranks 3rd in the state in violent crimes per 100,000 people and residents have a 5% chance of being a victim of a property crime. Albany also ranked in the top 10 at #7, the same ranking the city had last year. Buffalo ranks #1 on the list, and surprisingly New York City was not ranked in the top 10.

I personally think these lists stir more fear than anything. Yes, our local cities are not perfect. But there is a lot of good happening in both and i feel like locally we hear more about that than anything!

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